Musclemania coming up in Charlotte

August 4th, 2012 is the next Natural show in Charlotte coming up. I did this show in 2010 and was my first Bodybuilding show. Can’t say it was my best first experience since I am more familiar with INBF. Musclemainia, as it was explained to me by the promoter, is sponsored by ESPN. They wanted to continue the sport, but get away from non-tested shows, so they created their own organization. He organization has taken off quite a bit and is known worldwide. There is no polygraph, but there is a urinalysis if you win. When I did the show in 2010, it was not disclosed to us that it was a “feeder” show to see what kind of interest there was in Charlotte. The classes were small, and the scoring is different than INBF. The routine counts as part of your overall score in the show. If you decide to do this show, make sure you have fun and develop your routine. This year marks the 2nd year it’s been in Charlotte, so hopefully, there is a larger turn out of competitors, and it is taken a bit more seriously. I would recommend this show for beginners and people who want to get in a practice show before their big one. Just my opinion based off my own experience, if someone else has had a better time at this show, please let me know.

About kevinmhorn

Amateur natural bodybuilder living in Charlotte, NC. Looking to share information between bodybuilders, in regards to diet, tips, tricks and upcoming events in the area.
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