Myths about counting calories

This is a quick post about the myths on the importance of counting calories. One of the things people always ask me is how many calories I take in. What I try to emphasize is that, before you begin worrying about calories, think about WHAT your taking in. How many carbs? What kinds of carbs? How much protein per day are you taking in? How much water are you drinking? These basic things, tracking them, and knowing what percentage of them you take in on a daily basis is more important than how many calories you take in, when you first start out.

I emphasize the ,”when you first start out” part because , you DO have to worry about how many calories you’re taking in, but if you’re just starting to think about your nutrition, I would start with the basic three, Proteins, Carbs, and Fats. I use MyFitnesspal, to help keep track of my diet. It is available on Android, IPhone, and web based client. It breaks everything you’re eating down to it’s basic Macronutrients.

So to sum it up, when starting to think about your diet, don’t focus so much on calories, as you should focus on how much protein, carbs and fats you’re taking in, and what kind of fats and carbs you’re taking in.

About kevinmhorn

Amateur natural bodybuilder living in Charlotte, NC. Looking to share information between bodybuilders, in regards to diet, tips, tricks and upcoming events in the area.
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