Links to trainers who can help fulfill your fitness or bodybuilding needs

Michael Anders–  Really genuine guy, has an abundance of knowledge for techniques, nutrition, and fitness all around. He is located in South Park, off Park rd.
Then there is Zeke Samples–  he runs a personal training facility out of his home in Tega Cay. He helped me tweak ,my posing and bring some fresh advice and ideas to my routine.
Another person i’ve seen compete, Mark Brown– . I have seen him compete and he is top notch figure competitor for NPC.
Those are the three I know of locally, thought there is one more that I know of up in NY. I know it’s far away, but he has quite the setup for virtual training and things like that. He will Skype with you and work with you thoroughly. I know he has fitness clients long distance, not sure he has Bodybuilding or Figure clients though. He is really worth a shot if you’re looking  specifically for Bodybuilding coaching.  His name is Ryan Sullivan –

2 Responses to Trainers

  1. Regina says:

    I am looking for a trainer to help me compete in a figure model competition in May

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